GS Forever Green
Honor our founder. Honor Earth. Honor our powerful Sisterhood. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

To mark the 100 year milestone and to honor the founder Juliette Gordon Low, who loved nature and the outdoors, Girl Scouts of all ages, volunteers, and alumnae are taking part in the Girl Scouts Forever Green. Girl Scouts Forever Green (GSFG), is a national effort of girls leading their families, schools and communities in improving the environment and protecting natural resoruces.  GSFG invites girls to Take Action on three month-long projects taking place in February, March and April: Reduce Waste, Earth Hour and Rain Gardens.

Take the Forever Green Pledge

Reduce Waste Goal
to reduce the number of discarded single-use plastic bottles and bags by increasing use of reusable water bottles and bags


Earth Hour Goal
encourage sustainable behavior change, lower CO2 footprints, and save energy and money
                                       Rain Garden Goal
to increase green space and wildlife habitats, and improve water quality by reducing water-borne pollutants running into streams, and rivers

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