Frequently Asked Questions

  General Questions

What is a Sing-Along?

Girl Scouts has a long tradition of holding a Sing-Along on the National Mall. We gathered for our 85th, 90th and 95th anniversary -  over 200,000 Girl Scouts lined the National Mall and sang some of our favorite Girl Scout songs, listened to the music and joined together to celebrate the strength of the Girl Scout movement.  Click here to watch video from past Sing-Alongs. Download our Official Program to learn more:

Official Program

When will registration open up for Girl Scouts Rock the Mall?
Thanks to overwhelming demand, Girl Scout Rock the Mall online registration has reopened. Given the event is around the corner, we CANNOT GUARANTEE merchandise will be delivered to you before Saturday, June 9. Though it is highly recommended, you are not required to wear the t-shirt and patch to attend Girl Scouts Rock the Mall.

Do I need a ticket or other item to check-in on June 9?
No, no tickets or check-ins are required. We do ask that everyone registering before attending so that we may provide emergency, bathroom, and water services and so that we may put on this event for you - however the National Mall is an open, public parks space and no tickets are required. You can still register, however you may not receive your t-shirt before the event.

Register Now
What do I need to know before I register?

Before you register you'll need to know the number of registrants, t-shirt sizes of those you are registering and have a Credit Card to purchase the registrations.

Will I be charged for shipping?
Shipping & handling will be charged for shipping the registration materials and additional merchandise. Shipping is based on the total amount of your order. Below are our shipping rates.

Up to $15.00 = $2.95
$15.01-50.00 = $5.95
$50.01-75.00 = $8.95
$75.01-120.00 = $11.95
Over $120.01 = 10% of the order total (not to exceed $60.00)

Can you ship Overseas?
USA Girl Scouts Overseas can register via the website with an APO Address for shipping International Friends please contact Hadley Hines at 202-534-3772 to register.

What is the date and time of Girl Scouts Rock the Mall? 
June 9, 2012 on the National Mall, Washington, DC:
Pre-show: 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
Main event: 11:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Where is the National Mall located?
The Mall is located in the area encompassed by Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues, NW on the north, First Street on the east, Independence and Maryland Avenues on the south, and 14th Street on the west. 

Is there a map available?

See below. Click to view the map larger.

  Travel Questions

What about those with Accessibility/Accommodation needs who missed the May 14, 2012 deadline?

Due to high interest in registration for Girl Scouts Rock the Mall, we extended the registration deadline. However, we can not guarantee accessibility/accommodation for late registrants. Accessibility accommodations include: transportation from designated shuttle stops to the National Mall and seating in an accessible area.  Requests are being handled on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach maximum capacity. Please continue to indicate your needs on our registration forms. We will follow-up with you IF we are able to accommodate your request.

Where can I find travel information?
Whether it's traveling to Washington, DC or getting around by using the district's wide range of public transportation, you will find what you're looking for by clicking here
. Learn more on our Transportation page.

What accommodations are available for out of town visitors?
Read all about Accommodations here.

Which Metro Stations are closest to the Mall?
Note the line colors next to each station.

The Mall area on the east can be reached using the following Metro stations:

• Federal Center at 3rd and D Streets, SW Blue | Orange
• L'Enfant Plaza at Maryland Avenue and 7th Street, SW Blue | Orange | Green | Yellow
• Archives-Navy Memorial at Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, NW Green | Yellow
• Smithsonian at 12th Street on the Mall, SW Blue | Orange
• Federal Triangle along 12th Street between Pennsylvania & Constitution Aves., NW. Blue | Orange

The west end of the National Mall can be accessed using the following stations:

• Farragut West at 17th and I or 18th and I Streets, NW Blue | Orange
• Foggy Bottom/George Washington University at 23rd and I Streets, NW Blue | Orange
• Arlington Cemetery with a walk over the Arlington Memorial Bridge Blue

Download our Metro Guide PDF | Learn more at the official Metro website.

We have chartered a bus to the event, where will the bus be able to drop us off?
We strongly encourage chartered transportation to drop visitors at a Metro station on the perimeter of the city to avoid the congestion on the National mall.  Visitors can then take Metro to the exact event location.  If your bus chooses to drive to the event site, they will not allowed to unload passengers on any of the adjacent streets. 

  Event Programming Questions

What is the official song of Girl Scouts Rock the Mall?
IGNITE, by Melinda Caroll
To download an MP3 of the song, visit Melinda Caroll's Girl Scout Songs website.

What is the Pre-Show?

From 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM, the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall Pre-Show at the Sylvan Theater will include performances by Girl Scout choruses, early morning yoga and a Girl Scout vintage uniform fashion show with the Newseum's Newsmania Girl Scout trivia.  The fashion show will showcase the different Girl Scout uniforms throughout the last 100 years, and testing your knowledge of Girl Scout trivia. Participants will be selected from the audience - get there early and you could have a chance to get on stage and show off your Girl Scout knowledge.

Will there be a new songbook or CD?
Please visit our Songs page to download the songbook.

There is also a limited quantity of "Still Singing After All These Years, Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of Girl Scouting" CD ($8) and Songbook ($4).  The CD and songbook can be purchased by contacting the Nation's Capital Shop.

Do we need to wear a specific shirt or our Girl Scout Uniform?
No, you may wear whatever you like, though the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall shirt that you received when you registered is recommended. If you registered late, you may not receive your shirt before the event - that is fine, you may wear whatever you like. You may also decorate your shirt however you would like. You do not have to wear your Girl Scout Uniform. Remember, it will be close to 90 degrees, so dress accordingly (and bring a water bottle - we have refill stations - check out the map to see where).

How can I get more information?
We know it is important to plan for this special occasion. Once you register, you will be added to our email list and you will receive the Countdown Newsletter. View past issues here.

Connect with us on Facebook! Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #GirlScoutsRocktheMall.

More questions? Email girlscoutsrockthemall@gmail.com